Brief History about Speedy Delivery Services (Pty) Ltd

On 8 September 1969, the Swanepoel family established a parcel delivery company, with confidence and hope.

The business operated from two rented Parking Bays, situated in Frederick Street, Johannesburg.

By destiny Frederick Street is situated in the Johannesburg Central Business District, in an area referred to as ‘Motor Town’.

Motor Town was the hub for Suppliers supplying Motor Parts to vehicles of any make and model.

Rand Spares was the first customer, handing over 2 cartons for a delivery to Klerksdorp.
The delivery was made to Klerksdorp, after obtaining a Permit from The Department of Transport, and sanctioned by S.A. Rail and Harbour.

However, a Permit was not required for parcel deliveries within the boundaries then called ‘Witwatersrand and Vaal Triangle’ districts, with reference to the Gauteng Province.

Due to the restrictions obtaining permits, the family then decided to area bound deliveries to the ‘Witwatersrand and Vaal Triangle’ delivery areas (Gauteng Province).
The delivery to Klerksdorp was the family’s footprint for future parcel deliveries.
Potchefstroom, Stilfontein and Klerksdorp have received a consistent delivery service since 8 September 1969.

Working from Motor Town, delivering Motor Parts, it was decided the name Speedy Spares Service and the motto ‘A Friend to the TRADE’ is meaningful and appropriately describes the activities of the family business.

The hands-on approach, combined with reliable and consistent parcel deliveries, were reasons Speedy Spares Service gained recognition in Motor Town as a trusted and efficient family business.

During 1972, Speedy Spares Service was renamed, and registered as Speedy Delivery Services (Pty) Ltd.

In 1982 the owners purchased three properties in Booysens, Johannesburg and built Offices and a Warehouse suitable to our most valued clients’ requirements.

Since 1969, Speedy Delivery Services (Pty) Ltd remains under the management of one of the founding members, albeit in an advice-giving capacity.

The remaining founder member of Speedy Delivery Services (Pty) Ltd, celebrates our blessed longevity in the same business, with the employment of two family members.

The younger family members are the 3rd generation in the Swanepoel family, taking the family business forward.


  • Providing on time deliveries that exceed our most valued clients’ expectations.
  • Operating and maintaining a professional family business.



  • Rendering a reliable, cost effective and efficient Courier Service.
  • Providing a value-added service, knowing our most valued customers by name, and not by account number.
  • Attract, empower and reward employees.
    1. Who are competent within their job description.
    2. Consistently performs to the best of their capability.
    3. Supporting our policy of honesty, and commitment to our most valued clients.


* Maximising our ‘Hands On’ approach, Speedy Delivery Services (Pty) Ltd area bounded our daily delivery service to the Gauteng Province, including twice weekly deliveries to Potchefstroom, Klerksdorp, Orkney, Brits and Rustenburg.

* Our Services are scheduled for next business day deliveries, including same day deliveries upon request.

* Deliveries to Independent Stores and Chain Stores.

* Certain Chain Stores deliveries are set down for fixed day deliveries.

* Deliveries are made with Speedy Delivery Services, (Pty) Ltd dedicated fleet of vehicles, without the assistance of Third-Party Contractors.

* Our vehicles are fitted with Tracking Devices, providing an on-time solution for the Tracking and Tracing of Goods in Transit.

* Our experience in delivering parcels, is used as a valuable tool, applying well thought out ‘in-house control systems’, providing on time solutions and the submission of Proof of Delivery.

* Collecting Cash on Deliveries is part of our delivery services.


Our employees are employed on a permanent basis and registered with all Government Departments, including the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry.

Employees are members of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union.Our labour relationship is based on trust and fairness to all.

Before retiring, our longest serving employee had 34 years unbroken service.

Contact Details

Speedy Delivery Services (Pty) Ltd.

13 – 17 Beaumont Street
Gauteng, South Africa

Tel: 011 680 2460/1/2/3

Cell: 073 289 4013


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